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Reach your marketing goals with live video

With video marketing producing one of the highest returns on investment, marketers are using live video to increase leads, traffic, brand awareness and improve customer understanding

Reach and grow your audience

Reaching your customers all in one place can be difficult. Sharing video content and live streaming helps get your message to the right people at the right time. Repurpose and reuse your video content across your social media, website, and emails to give it that extra mileage.

Boost brand awareness

You’re missing an opportunity if you’re not branding your video content. Don’t settle for your customers looking at bland Zoom events or sharing social media content that doesn’t resonate with their messaging. Create a lasting memory by giving your customers the full experience of your brand – add logos, brand colours and more.

Create video content with confidence

Video marketing doesn’t have to be difficult – today, all you need is a laptop, a webcam and a great idea. Beings’ intuitive video studio helps you create videos without needing to hire an expert or use large amounts of budget. Start with a free trial and create video content within a few clicks.

Invite guests

Early access to features and product roadmaps – Sneak a peek at what the development team are up to and get your hands on the freshest updates ahead of the crowd

Upload media

Upload as many videos, gifs and images as you like. If you run out of space, remove something you’re not using or upgrade for more storage

Stream anywhere

Stream to all major social media platforms, video conferencing tools or any platform that supports RTMP

Pre-record video

Stream with confidence by pre-recording all (or some of) your content so you can hit the ‘Go Live’ button when you’re ready

Record content

Not ready for live streaming? No problem! Just record and download your content, and share when ready


Invite friends and colleagues to help you host and produce. They can click the buttons for you, freeing you up to concentrate on content

Woman sat at white desk waving hand whilst creating live video with Beam

Broadcast high quality video content – without the price tag

Look like a professional video creator from the start

Full HD, 1080p video

Attract and delight your audience with high-quality visual content

4K Video

Need something a little extra? Talk to the team about ultimate video quality. 

Hi-res audio

Match your visual quality with advanced 320kbs quality audio.

Types of video you can create:

Coming up with the ideas is the hardest part, but the possibilities are endless. Here’s some inspiration for what you could create next

Interviews & Q&As

Look like an expert by sharing knowledge with your audience. Live streamed interviews build rapport with your audience and let you become the go-to source in your field.

Product demonstrations

Raise awareness of your products and services among a larger audience with live streams and find more opportunities to do business.


Testimonials from happy customers show potential buyers what it’s like doing business with you; build trust and remove objections by showing how you help clients succeed.

Events & Workshops

Drive brand awareness and teach your audience new skills. Not only will you boost your credibility, repurposed video content will give you marketing mileage.

Personalised content

Build strong bonds with customers through personalised live video, generate long-lasting connections, loyalty and repeat business.

Updates & Announcements

Live streaming helps you share news with everyone, everywhere at the same time – create a feeling of togetherness even in a remote world.

Frequently asked questions

What is live streaming?

Live streaming, also known as ‘streaming’, is the act of broadcasting video or other media over the internet, in real time. The concept is similar to broadcasting live television.

What do businesses use live streaming for?

Live streaming is a great way for businesses to boost brand awareness and enhance employee engagement. It’s also used as a platform to connect with new audiences. Live streaming allows a business to meet customers or employees ‘where they are’ without needing to entice anyone to a physical event, for example. Live-streamed content can also be repurposed into marketing collateral, video on demand (VOD) content, or even edited into short snippets for use in social media posts.

What are the benefits of live streaming for a business?

When live streaming, the on-screen action happens in real time. A live broadcast means there is nowhere for the presenters or interviewees to hide. This immediacy helps to build a brand’s trust and credibility. Live video also allows an audience to get to know a business, presenter or employee. This enhances the relationship between the brand and the audience and boosts engagement with content. 

Who can use the studio for live streaming?

Anyone can use the studio! It’s so easy, you can live stream without any experience. There are a few people in particular that will find the studio super useful: 

  • Brands and businesses, from tech start-ups to multinational corporations
  • Marketing professionals who are responsible for those brands
  • Event managers running online and hybrid events
  • Social media content creators
Can you use the studio for free?

Yes! We offer a selection of its features as part of a free trial. To start live streaming today, click here.

Start creating and sharing video content today

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