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As a marketer, you know how important video marketing is. And yet it’s so time-consuming to create – and each platform has its own quirks – effective as it is, producing video content can be difficult.

With Beings, the tech gets out of the way and enables you to create beautiful, professional video content. Stream live video, pre-record content, add custom graphics, colours and build your broadcast exactly as you want it. No video production experience is required to leave a great brand impression on your audience!

Our Early Adopters Program gives you exclusive early access to all this and more…

Advanced, exclusive access to a live video product built by broadcasting professionals

Early adopters like you benefit from…

Early Access

Early access to features and product roadmaps – Sneak a peek at what the development team are up to and get your hands on the freshest updates ahead of the crowd


Discounted initial billing periods – Enjoy a preferential rate and selected exclusive discounts not available anywhere else

Competitions and Prize Draws

Opportunities to win goodies and prizes, offered only to participants of the Early Adopters Program

Referral Reward Scheme

Share the love and gain access to a reward for every referral made

Exclusive Content

Access to eBooks, reports, Spotlight articles and whitepapers with industry insights, product updates and advice to help you get the most from your video marketing

Insider-Only Access

Insider-only access to Live Streams with Beings – Hear directly from the team about where the business is, what’s new and how you can use Beings in your marketing department

Why join the Early Adopters Program?

You help shape the product’s future. Participants in the Early Adopters Program are responsible for:

Product feedback

Submit feedback via online surveys, focus groups and 1-1 calls; The Early Adopters Program offers a unique opportunity to have your voice heard as the product develops

User testing on UI, UX

In return for early access to any new features we release you have the chance to say first hand what works, and what could be better – help shape the product for the results you want

Marketing feedback

Our messaging and website experience are key to spreading Beings far and wide; great marketing helps us further our mission of enabling quality live streaming for everyone, everywhere

Product ambassadors

Help us tell others what makes Beings so powerful for marketers; as one of our product ambassadors you’ll be our team on the ground, sharing what you’ve learnt about Beings and how it’s helped you

Frequently asked questions

What is live streaming?

Live streaming, also known as ‘streaming’, is the act of broadcasting video or other media over the internet, in real time. The concept is similar to broadcasting live television.

What do businesses use live streaming for?

Live streaming is a great way for businesses to boost brand awareness and enhance employee engagement. It’s also used as a platform to connect with new audiences. Live streaming allows a business to meet customers or employees ‘where they are’ without needing to entice anyone to a physical event, for example. Live-streamed content can also be repurposed into marketing collateral, video on demand (VOD) content, or even edited into short snippets for use in social media posts.

What are the benefits of live streaming for a business?

When live streaming, the on-screen action happens in real time. A live broadcast means there is nowhere for the presenters or interviewees to hide. This immediacy helps to build a brand’s trust and credibility. Live video also allows an audience to get to know a business, presenter or employee. This enhances the relationship between the brand and the audience and boosts engagement with content. 

Who can use BEAM for live streaming?

Anyone can use Beam! It’s so easy, you can live stream without any experience. There are a few people in particular that will find Beam super useful: 

  • Brands and businesses, from tech start-ups to multinational corporations
  • Marketing professionals who are responsible for those brands
  • Event managers running online and hybrid events
  • Social media content creators
Can you use BEAM for free?

Yes! Beam offers a selection of its features on a free 14-day trial. To start live streaming today, click here.

A word from the founder

Dave Johnstone

Founder of Beings

The power of video marketing is huge, and the with live streaming industry predicted to be worth $247 billion by 2027, it’s not slowing down.

But it’s not as simple as simply filming some video content and putting it online. Quality is key. Audiences are picky and won’t spend more than 90 seconds on a poor-quality live stream. 

That’s why we built Beings: to help marketers stand out from the crowd and live stream quality video, with confidence. 

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to cast video globally. Now we need your input to build something that changes live streaming for marketers forever. 

Hope to see you on the EAP.

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